Introducing the Motorola CLPe

Motorola Solutions have launched the CLPe - a pocket sized, full-powered two-way radio. 

The CLPe is based on the ever-popular CLP446, which is a licence-free variation of the same product. Its compact, unobtrusive size makes it a hit with shops, restaurants and hotels, enabling them to easily keep in touch with colleagues and keep customers informed.  

In-line PTT earpiece

The CLPe includes a new advanced earpiece, which has been especially designed for the launch of the new radio model. The earpiece has been redesigned for comfort and style, and a new connection pin makes it easier to connect and disconnect the earpiece. Using the inline PTT button means that you can keep the radio tucked away whilst staying connected to your colleagues. 

Smart Status Glow Rings

The large PTT button is surrounded by an LED glow ring, with 8 colours to indicate active channel, radio transmit and receive, scan, volume level, mute and battery status. The simple visual status enables the user to check the status of their radio at a glance; focus on your customer, not on your radio. 

Use a repeater for greater range

The CLPe is a fully licenced, 1watt radio giving you greater range and flexibility. If you've got a large site, you can even install a repeater to give you even greater range and performance. 

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 Case Study

Discover how the Motorola CLP series radios helped Ace Hardware to stay efficient and give a better experience to their customers 

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