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The MOTOTRBOTM DP2400e is Motorola Solutions non-display model for the DP2000e Family, Delivering a more advanced feature set than the DP1000 series the MOTOTRBOTM DP2400e benefits from optional support* for Capacity Plus systems.

Motorola Solutions DP2400 - Product Focus

The DP2400e has no display and a limited keypad meaning durability is kept high with support up to 16 channels controlled by the selector on top of the handset. An IP67 means that your radio will be safe even if submerged under water and support for both analogue and digital operation means easy integration with your existing equipment.

The Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBOTM DP2400e has an IP67 rating meaning the device is completely dust tight allowing for no ingress of dust; complete protection against contact. The first half of this rating is related to water resistance an IP67 rating protects against ingress of water in harmful quantity when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1m of submersion for 30mins).

Motorola Solutions offer the MOTOTRBOTM DP2400e in both a UHF and a VHF model, our experts here at The Radio Shop will advise you on which frequency band will best suit your needs.

Motorola Solutions hand portables can be programmed to send an alert to a supervisor or dispatcher during an emergency situation. Allowing you to quickly and effectivity respond to a situation at your business or event. Advanced features such as GPS location can also be integrated into the press of the button, giving you an immediate GPS location read out.

The MOTOTRBOTM DP2400e is able to operate in both in digital and analogue mode allowing you to get all the benefits of digital, including better voice quality, better range and better battery life. Whilst keeping the compatibility with your existing analogue radios, this allows you to upgrade your radios at your pace.

The MOTOTRBOTM DP2400e has support for IP Site connect & Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect uses the Internet to connect multiple sites of your MOTOTRBO communication system no matter where they're located. You can create wide area coverage and automatically roam from one coverage area to another with no manual intervention. Or you can enhance coverage at a single site like a tall building that contains physical barriers.

Capacity plus systems allow you to dynamically allocate the radio infrastructure you're already using enabling higher capacity and advanced data functionality. Delivers 5 times the capacity of an analogue conventional system and up to 3 times the capacity of an analogue trunking system. Integrates with existing MOTOTRBOTM systems via a simple, software upgrade which can be carried out by The Radio Shop.

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