Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping costs will apply based on the parcel's destination, and will be added at checkout.

We keep our most popular products in stock, so these will be dispatched for next working day delivery if your order is received before 2:30pm. We'll need to order other items in from our trusted suppliers, and these items will take 2-3 days to be shipped to you.

If you're ordering radios which require programming, your order may take a little longer to process. 

If you want to check stock availability before placing your order, just give us a call on 01778 422677

UK orders will be delivered either via DPD, or using Royal Mail. International shipments will usually be made via DHL.

We'll send you a link with your tracking number on when your order is shipped, so you can track your delivery using the courier's online service.  


The easiest way to shop for accessories on is to start by selecting the model number of your radio. Not all accessories fit all radios, so it's important to make sure that your new accessory will fit the radios you already have. 

For Motorola Solutions radios, your model number will usually be printed on the front of your radio, or on the back (just above the belt clip). It will start with DP, and maybe end with an 'e'. It's the first number you're most interested in; so if you've got a DP4400e, your radio's in the Motorola DP4000e Series. If it's a DP3661e, you're radio's in the Motorola DP3000e (Compact) Series.

If you've got a Hytera radio, the model number is usually printed on the front of the handset, or on the side underneath the PTT button and will start with PD. For example, if you have a PD785, your radio's in the PD7 Series, and if it's a PD485, then it's in the PD4 Series. 

If you're unsure what model radio you've got, please send us a picture of your radio to and we'll help you to identify it. 

It all depends on personal preference, and the environment with which you'll be using the earpiece. If you'll be using the radio in a loud environment, consider a heavyweight headset with noise-cancelling functionality. For covert or discreet use, then an in-ear covert with acoustic tube might be more appropriate. 

To work out which audio accessory is best for you, you should first talk to the person who will be wearing it and decide which they think will be most comfortable. If you need any advice, feel free to call us on 01778 426777

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