Two-Way Radios for Events & Venues

Event Safety - are you ready?  Whether your event is a county show, trade show, expo, outdoor festival, wedding, in a sports stadium or any type of venue, here's how we can help you deliver your next event. 

In this blog we discuss some of our two-way radios for events & venues, and we answer a couple of the FAQs we're asked by customers. 

Our two-way radios for events are designed to meet the requirements of event planners, organisers, delivery / support & security and teams. 
Quality is what sets us apart from our competition and our customers appreciate our flexibility with product exchanges, along with our sales teams' knowledge, advice, expertise and patience. 

Top events require resilient digital radio communication set ups and event organisers know that using the latest radios from The Radio Shop increases their event safety and operational efficiency. We supply two-way radios using equipment made by some of the most reputable manufacturers including Motorola Solutions and Hytera.  By choosing event communication radios through us, you can always ensure uninterrupted conversations for your event to run smoothly.

Hytera BD615 - Digital Licenced Radio

Hytera BP515 - Digital Licenced Radio

Motorola (Vertex Standard) EVX-S24 - Two-Way Radio

Motorola DP1400 - Two-Way Radio Analogue & Digital

Motorola DP2600e - Two-Way Radio

Do I need an Ofcom Licence?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions that customers ask us about using two-way radios for events. Two-way radios do require a licence, unless you are using licence-free (PMR446) walkie talkies, however, we would not recommend these for private communication on a larger event site. A basic radio licence costs £75 for five years use, and this covers all of your radios plus any new radios you might add. More info about radio licensing here.

What range can I expect?
Range is dependent on the terrain you are using the two-way radios in. A quick conversation with us can point you to a solution that is best suited to the size of your particular venue. A basic 'radio-to-radio' set-up will provide around 2 miles of coverage, and for most venues this should be satisfactory, but if need be, this range can be increased by installing a repeater/base station to take coverage out to around 10 miles.  

You'll be looking forward to a busy summer season of events, but you want to make sure you can do so safely. Make sure you keep your team connected and everybody safe with two-way radios. Equipment choice can be led by a number of factors ranging from the end user’s role to the functionality of the type of radio system being used. For more advice on which handset is best for you, speak to our friendly sales team today by calling 01778 426777. 

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