Make your Farm more Efficient with Two-way Radios

The days are long, the work is tough, can we make it a little easier?

What's more frustrating than being tired and trying to pass information without ease? A walkie talkie can relieve that pain in an instant without you even having to move from your vehicle.  Whether you're enabling group communication from the combine to the corn carters, or organising that all important bailing, loading and storage… completed, with ease.  Not just for arable farming, lambing, herding and other animal operations radios have found a home on the farm too.

Make your Farm more Efficient with Two-way Radios

From lining up a cart to a combine or potato harvester PMR446 radios are great.  An entry level radio their range is limited to line of sight. Superb for close work but if you're working further afield maybe not quite right for you.  

Buying an Ofcom license allowing your radios to transmit and receive further is a fantastic place to start. There are two types of frequency we can licence; VHF or UHF. Both are great but if you're really going for distance a VHF radio will transmit and receive further, especially across large, outdoor open landscapes such as a field. But don’t let that deter you too much from a UHF radio; they work very well and are very scalable with some amazing deals to be had. 

What we do know is your two-way radio needs to be: 

  • Robust
  • Effective
  • And not break the bank

Trying to give you one less thing to think about at this busy time of year, we've put together some great packages 


1. Hytera PD705

Hytera PD705

A fantastic radio at a bargain price. A licensed radio which has had a full service before leaving our hire fleet meaning it's got plenty of year's service left. Ex-hire radios are supplied complete with a new battery.

2. Motorola DP1400

Rugged radio with simple, intuitive controls. A fully licensed analogue or digital radio ensuring security and operational ease - it's a true workhorse radio 

3. Motorola DP2400e

Motorola DP2400e

One of the most intelligent radios in our catalogue. With everything you would expect from a professional radio, this unit excels in allowing expansion as your crops grows.

4. Hytera PD505LF

Hytera PD405

The smaller sibling to the ever-popular PD705, this superb little licence-free radio is great to use around your premises or on a school trip in the UK or Europe. With the ability to use accessories this handset comes ready to use straight out of the box. 

5. Hytera PD405

Hytera PD405

The Hytera PD405 is a great entry level licensed radio. It's small and lightweight, with an excellent battery life that will keep you in touch with your colleagues from dawn to dusk. 

Ready to buy 

If you're looking to buy one of our bundle packs you can’t go wrong with any of these three.   Motorola DP1400 - SIX PACK including charger & earpieces is a great starter pack a workhorse radio at a great price.  If you require some thing a little more complex the Motorola DP2400e - SIX PACK including charger & earpieces with a clear screen it’s great for managing multiple channels.  Or if your looking for a bargain the robust Hytera PD705 EX-HIRE TEN PACK with Single Chargers & Earpieces won’t let you down.

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