Two-Way Radios for Warehouses

Multiple sites, wide-ranging operations – how do you reach everyone?  

For companies whose distribution networks comprise of wide-spread infrastructure, and perhaps a remote warehouse in a location with little coverage, two-way radios are a perfect tool to keep teams communicating. Whether it's a network of warehouses or a local plant, naturally, reliability throughout your entire production footprint are critical. Factories working smarter are creating those connections across secure, dependable and expandable networks, and this is exactly where two-way radios come in.

Team collaboration begins with the flow of real-time information to support strategic decision making, without interruption, regardless of location.

With employees often using different devices both productivity and safety can suffer. Many manufacturers see connected technologies as a way to overcome these pressures, more specifically through connecting people, machinery and processes to build an ultimately efficient and safe working environment. 

Run your warehouse with a two-way radio system, and support essential activities through the coordination of people, places, processes, and technology. We have hand-picked a selection of radios that we think are most suitable for warehouse operations: 

Motorola (Vertex Standard) EVX-S24
Hytera BD615Motorola DP2400eHytera BP515Hytera BP565

Do I need an Ofcom Licence?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that contractors ask us about using two-way radios. Two-way radios do require a licence, unless you are using licence-free (PMR446) walkie talkies, however, we would not recommend these for private communication across warehouses. A basic radio licence costs £75 for five years use, and this covers all of your radios plus any new radios you might add. More info about radio licensing here.

What range can I expect?
Range is dependent on the territory you are using the two-way radios in. A quick conversation with us can point you to a solution that is best suited to the size of your particular warehouse. A basic 'radio-to-radio' set-up will provide around 2 miles of coverage, and for most 
warehouses this should be satisfactory, but if need be, this range can be increased by installing a repeater/base station to take coverage out to around 10 miles.  

Let us recommend a two-radio system that's right for your warehouse and your budget. Contact a Radio Shop expert today for more info.

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