Introducing the MOTOTRBO R2 Handset

We are pleased to introduce the MOTOTRBO R2 handset to - the latest handset from Motorola Solutions. 

Designed as the successor to the ever-popular DP1400 handset, the R2 is an excellent everyday workhorse handset, combining durability and ergonomics to make for an excellent two-way radio, which we're sure will be a hit with customers. 

The R2 is available in UHF or VHF, and can operate in analogue or digital mode. It boasts an impressive 26.5hr battery life meaning you can confidently get through an entire shift on one charge. 

The R2 uses a 2-pin audio accessory, making it the ideal choice when migrating from older Motorola DP1400, Motorola CP040 and Motorola GP340 handsets. 

We've tested the R2, and our team were particularly impressed with the excellent audio quality from the device. Received audio is loud (around 1010 phons to be precise!) and transmitted audio clear, thanks to the MOTOTRBO R2's SINC+ feature which uses advanced algorithms to single out and eliminate disruptive background noise. 

Shop the Motorola R2 here: 

Motorola R2 Portable Radio with Charger - Single Pack

Motorola R2 SIX PACK Portable Radio with chargers and earpieces

Motorola R2 QUAD PACK Portable Radio with chargers and earpieces

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Remember, if you need any help or advice when considering the new Motorola R2 radio, you can call our friendly team on 01778 426777 who will be happy to help!


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