2-wire in-ear earpiece with Mic and PTT (for Motorola SL & WAVE series)

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  • Operation: Receive and transmit
  • PTT: PTT on mic
  • Vox capability: No
  • Intrinsic Safety Standard: Non FM
  • Microphone and PTT
  • description

    This 2-wire in-ear Surveillance earpiece allows the user to receive and transmit messages discreetly. This earpiece has been designed with the microphone and push-to-talk combined allowing users to hold the microphone directly in front of their mouth making it easier to whisper and discreetly communicate when required. This 2-wire earpiece is ideal for people who require in-ear communication discreetly as well as the earpiece being discreet, due to the tube being transparent this is not as noticeable making this ideal for people such as security guards. 

    This earpiece is easy to insert into your ear and receive communications instantly. The earbud is replaceable resulting in you being able to share the earpiece if required, this is useful for businesses due to them being able to simply replacing the earbud and getting more use out of the accessory. 


    This product will fit the following radios:

    Motorola SL Series: SL2400, SL2400e, SL2600, SL2600e, SL4000, SL4000e, SL4010



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