Entel DN495 POC Radio with First Year SIM and Subscription

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  • P68 Submersible (2m, 4 hours)
  • MILSTD Construction 810 C/D/E/F/G
  • High Contrast White on Black OLED Display
  • Emergency Button
  • Lone-Worker
  • Man-Down
  • GPS, WiFi & Bluetooth
  • Group & Individual Calling
  • Multiple Receive Groups
  • Caller ID
  • Presence Check
  • Programmable Buttons
  • Dimensions: 97x60x37mm
  • All Call & Transmit Interrupt
  • Over The Air Programmable
  • Lockable, Gold Plated Accessory Connector
  • Can be used on Wi-Fi & Cellular Network
  • Duty Cycle from CNB450E 2000mAh Li-Ion Battery: 17h
  • description

    The Entel DN495 radio combines the best of traditional PTT alongside the national cellular network operation for the best-in-class performance. This radio removes the cost of having to purchase a license and any potential channel interference from other users, instead the Entel DN495 uses PoC (push-to-talk over cellular) and are all ready to be used with a SIM on a fair use policy, 

    With this radio, you are able to get further options allowing flexibility, you are able to get a smartphone app, Radio Gateway, PC Dispatcher as well as Android Dispatcher. The ergonomic design and the simple to use buttons are suitable for gloved-hand use, alongside this the IP68 rating ensures that these compact, robust commercial-grade radios are ready to support all of your needs and requirements. 

    The MILSTD 8/10 C/D/E/F/G rating which this radio has ensures and provides that this radio is tough and protected against enduring performances. The Entel DN495 conforms to stringent standards and they are able to take the day to day strain of sock, vibration and corrosive effects of both dust and moisture, this enables you to use the radio for many years trouble free, this makes the radio ideal for businesses in the construction and retail sectors as they will be protected against any accidental damage. 

    This radio provides you with crisp, clear messages and the loud clear audio ensures that you never miss a message. This is useful for businesses as they will be able to hear communication even in the busiest of times. The high contrast white on black OLED display enables the user to clearly read messages in varying lighting conditions making the DN495 user friendly. 

    On this radio there is an emergency button which can be pressed should it need to be. By pressing the button on the radio then you will instantly send an alarm call to other radio(s) alongside sounding a local alarm, this is useful for businesses as they are able to ensure that all staff who maybe require help and assistance are able to get it at a click of a button. With this feature, the receiving models get an unique ID/Alias which is displayed so again they are able to identify who requires help. 

    The Lone-Worker alarm is there in order to protect people working alone. The Entel DN495 has a lone-worker timer which check that the radio user is ok, if there is no response received then the radio will automatically send an alarm to call another radio(s). From here the local alarm alerts non-radio users to the emergency. Within the man-down feature, if someone falls or becomes unconscious then the optional man-down sensor can automatically send an alarm which keeps people safe, this is useful for businesses who often have people spread across and working alone. 

    The GPS which is included with the radio can be configured to send the location of the radio, this is a good idea for management as they are able to detect where the staff are and ensure that they are doing their role however it can also be used as a safety feature. All of this information can be displayed and managed through the PC Dispatchers map. The Bluetooth features enables radio to use the range of Entel Bluetooth audio accessories and can be found on our website. As well as cellular networks, the DN495 can be connected to the Wi-Fi which enables communications where there is no cellular coverage, this is a useful feature for businesses who may find themselves in this situation such as people who work underground, this way you are able to remain connected at all times. 

    The Entel DN495 has a full duplex, this means that emergency calls are transmitted full duplex which allows you to listen and speak at the same time, this works just like a phone which can be useful when in an emergency situation. With the option of both individual and group calling you are able to have both 1-2-1 conversations and speaking to multiple people at one given time, alongside this the caller ID allows the radio to work similar to a phone where it will display who is calling such as 'Reception' so you are always knowing who you are communicating with. 

    Every business has different requirements when it comes to radios, this can make it hard to find the perfect solution most of the time. With the DN495 then you are able to use programmable buttons to ensure that the radio meets the exact needs of the business. 

    With the Entel DN495 then you have the option of over the air programming, with this then you are able to have the radios re-programmed or updated over the air without having to visit elsewhere to get done. This allows businesses to save a considerable amount of time and expense as they don't have the worry of being without radios for long periods of time as well as providing excellent customer support service. 

    • DN495 Radio
    • License for Entel High Performance E-PoC Service
    • EMEA Roaming SIM with fair use airtime allowance
    • Software Maintenance (Upgrades & Updates)
    • CNB450E 2000mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
    • 1-way Rapid drop-in mains charger
    • Spring Loaded Rear Clip
    • Antenna
    • User Guide

    No, you don't need an Ofcom licence. This device connects to existing cellular or WiFi networks.

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