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Operating Mode: UHF
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  • 16 Channels, 1 Zone
  • IP68 Submersible (2m, 4 hours)
  • MILSTD Construction 810 C/D/E/F/G
  • High Capacity Li-Ion Battery
  • Clear, Loud Audio
  • 2 Slot Simplex
  • Multiple Receive Groups
  • Talker Alias (TX Only)
  • Lone-Worker & Man-Down
  • Personal Attack Button
  • Group Calling & Individual Calling
  • Programmable Buttons
  • Gold Plated, Lockable Accessory Connector
  • Accessory Audio Tailoring Optimises Audio for each Accessory
  • Dimensions: 97x60x37mm
  • Weight: 267grams
  • description

    The Entel DX482 is one of the most compact affordable business radios available on the market. This radio delivers outstanding clear audio which enables you to clearly hear all communications. This is useful for businesses where they require clear and effective communication at all times such as logistics, construction and transportation. 

    Having a IP68 rating and being MIL STD Construction 810 C/D/E/F/G rated this radio is built to last. This radio is protected against dust and is fully submersible even when the accessory cover is removed. This radio conforms to stringent standards which helps to enable them to withstand the everyday rigours of shock, vibration and corrosive effects of both dust and moisture, this helps to ensure that they have several years of trouble free use which is good for businesses who work in extreme conditions. 

    The DX482 splits a single analogue channel into two separate channel resulting in the amount of channels available to the radio user double. Two-slot operation is typically only possible when a DMR repeater is included within the system however this radio is able to overcome this restriction on both simplex and DRM446 channels therefore both channels are always available to the user no matter on the channel type.

    Lone-worker and the man-down alarm are designed to protect people working alone. With this then it gives businesses piece of mind when operators are working alone that they are safe. By pressing the emergency button then the radio will instantly send an alarm call to other radios alongside sounding a local alarm, this notifies people that help is required. With the man-down alarm, it would automatically send an alarm if someone falls or becomes unconscious, this will alert people that help is required which again gives businesses piece of mind that if someone is in trouble then they can get help easily. 

    Every business has different requirements therefore it can be difficult to find the 'perfect' radio which meets all requirements. In order to ensure that the DX482 meets all desired requirements then you are able to adapt the buttons to whatever suits you, this way you are able to choose the exact features you need. 

    The gold plated accessory connector is on the radios multi-pin interface and the micro-USB socket, these are both submersible in order to minimise any risk of damage as well as helping to protect against corrosion. The lockable accessory connector incorporates a robust locking connector and the radio accessory socket so that when an accessory is secured to the portable then the connected is able to withstand any amount of punishment, this could be dropping, careless misuse and so on. 

    • 6x DX482 Radio
    • 6x 2000mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
    • 1x Multi-unit Six Pod Rapid Mains Charger
    • 6x Spring Loaded Rear Clip
    • 6x Antenna
    • 6x User Guide

    Yes! This radio is a full-power unit which works on licensed spectrum. Here’s a few important points to remember:

    • Licencing is really easy and cost effective, so don’t be put off
    • You only licence the frequency (channel) your radios use, not the number of radios or handsets
    • If you’re buying radios to use outside of the UK, you will need to get a licence from your country’s regulatory body
    • Want us to guide you through it? Call us on 01778 426777 or email info@theradioshop.co.uk

    Buy a licence online:

    You can choose from one of the following two options to buy a licence online. Once you place your order, we’ll apply for the licence for you, which is valid for 5 years. Ofcom will then contact you directly in 5 years’ time to arrange the renewal.

    Remember: you don’t need a licence per radio, just a licence per fleet of radios. One licence will usually provide enough cover for your company or site (or you as an individual if you’re buying for private use)

    Ofcom Logo

    Simple UK Licence - £75 for 5 years

    This is ideal for most users. It authorises the use of radios anywhere within the UK, on a shared bank of back-to-back (simplex) frequencies. Up to 14 UHF or VHF channels become available on digital radios (7 on analogue)

    More Info

     Ofcom Logo

    Simple Site Licence - £75 for 5 years

    This is suited to users who use their radios with a repeater. It authorises radio use within 1km of a given site or location, on a shared assignment basis. Up to 34 UHF back to back channels + 6 repeater frequencies become available on digitalMore Info

    I already have a licence:

    If you already have radios, you should already have a licence. If you’d like your new radios to work with your existing fleet, you need to send us:

    • A copy of your existing Ofcom licence
    • For digital radios:
      • Let us know which frequencies are in which channel
      • Which colour code you use
      • Which digital group ID you use
    • For analogue radios:
      • Let us know which frequencies are in which channel
      • What CTCSS/TPL/DPL tone you use

    Alternatively, you can send us a programming file from one of your existing radios, or even post us one of your existing handsets so that we can make sure we match it correctly.

    Note that we accept no responsibility for radios which do not work due to incorrectly provided information. We’ll program your radios for free upon order, but if they don’t work and need re-programming there will be a £10 + VAT fee per unit.


    If you need help, feel free to call our team of friendly experts and we’ll guide you through.

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