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Frequency Band: UHF - EU Version
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  • 255 Position Channel Selector
  • IP68 (2m, 4 hours)
  • MIL STD 810 C/D/E/F
  • Dimensions: 130x60x37mm
  • Weight: 332g
  • Duty Cycle: 13h
  • 5 Tone Selcall
  • Lone Worker
  • Man-Down
  • Lockable Accessory Connector
  • description

    The Entel HT785 is a licensed radio which is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. Included with this radio is a 2000mAh Lithium Ion Battery which intelligently counts the charge cycles and it will warn you when the battery life is almost at the end. This is useful for businesses as they are able to get an idea when they require a new battery before the original has given up. In addition to this, the battery is able to provide an impressive length of charge, as well as retaining the charge for up to three times longer compared to standard batteries. 

    With an IP68 rating, this radio is impervious to dust and is able to withstand up to 2 hours submersed in water as deep as 4 metres. In addition to this the HT783 is built to MIL STD 810 C/D/E/F standards resulting in it to be designed to be highly resistant to shock and vibration.  

    When working alone businesses want to ensure that you are able to get assistance if required at a push of a button. With the Entel HT785 it has the lone-worker and man-down alarms. This is designed for people who are working alone to ensure that they are able to get help if required. With this radio then you push the orange button to send out an emergency signal to your colleagues. In addition to this if someone should fall and become unconscious then the man-down sensor can automatically send an alarm to alert people and to send help. The radio lone-worker timer check the radio user to ensure that they are okay, if there is not a response received then the radio will automatically send the alarm. Alongside this then the high volume local siren is there to additionally alert non-radio users in the vicinity to the emergency. 

      • HT785 Radio
      • 2000mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
      • Single Pod Rapid Mains Charger
      • Spring Loaded Rear Clip
      • Antenna
      • User Guide

      Yes! This radio is a full-power unit which works on licensed spectrum. Here’s a few important points to remember:

      • Licencing is really easy and cost effective, so don’t be put off
      • You only licence the frequency (channel) your radios use, not the number of radios or handsets
      • If you’re buying radios to use outside of the UK, you will need to get a licence from your country’s regulatory body
      • Want us to guide you through it? Call us on 01778 426777 or email info@theradioshop.co.uk

      Buy a licence online:

      You can choose from one of the following two options to buy a licence online. Once you place your order, we’ll apply for the licence for you, which is valid for 5 years. Ofcom will then contact you directly in 5 years’ time to arrange the renewal.

      Remember: you don’t need a licence per radio, just a licence per fleet of radios. One licence will usually provide enough cover for your company or site (or you as an individual if you’re buying for private use)

      Ofcom Logo

      Simple UK Licence - £75 for 5 years

      This is ideal for most users. It authorises the use of radios anywhere within the UK, on a shared bank of back-to-back (simplex) frequencies. Up to 14 UHF or VHF channels become available on digital radios (7 on analogue)

      More Info

       Ofcom Logo

      Simple Site Licence - £75 for 5 years

      This is suited to users who use their radios with a repeater. It authorises radio use within 1km of a given site or location, on a shared assignment basis. Up to 34 UHF back to back channels + 6 repeater frequencies become available on digitalMore Info

      I already have a licence:

      If you already have radios, you should already have a licence. If you’d like your new radios to work with your existing fleet, you need to send us:

      • A copy of your existing Ofcom licence
      • For digital radios:
        • Let us know which frequencies are in which channel
        • Which colour code you use
        • Which digital group ID you use
      • For analogue radios:
        • Let us know which frequencies are in which channel
        • What CTCSS/TPL/DPL tone you use

      Alternatively, you can send us a programming file from one of your existing radios, or even post us one of your existing handsets so that we can make sure we match it correctly.

      Note that we accept no responsibility for radios which do not work due to incorrectly provided information. We’ll program your radios for free upon order, but if they don’t work and need re-programming there will be a £10 + VAT fee per unit.


      If you need help, feel free to call our team of friendly experts and we’ll guide you through.

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