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Frequency Band: UHF - EU Version
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  • 255 Position Channel Selector
  • IP68 (2m, 4 hours)
  • MIL STD 810 C/D/E/F
  • Dimensions: 13x60x37mm
  • Weight: 332grams
  • Duty Cycle:13h
  • 5 tone selcall
  • Lone Worker
  • Man-Down
  • Lockable Accessory Connector
  • LED Screen
  • description

    The Entel HT786 licensed radio delivers loud and clear audio in a robust radio casing. This radio exceeds MIL STD 810 C/D/E/F resulting in the radio being protected against shock, vibration and moisture. Alongside this the radio is IP68 rated making it resistance to dust and water. The HT786 is built to last and will work well for businesses who work in difficult environments such as construction, transportation and logistics. 

    The radio comes with a Lithium-Ion battery which is able to count its charge cycles and warn when the battery is near to end of life, this is useful for businesses as they will be able to get in an alternative radio before the current one gives up. In addition to this, the radio has an impressive battery life and is able to retain the charge once it is charged up, this makes this the ideal battery solution for businesses as they will receive communication for long periods of time. 

    The Entel HT786 is simple to use meaning that anyone would be able to simply pick up the radio and contact someone else, this radio has scan/priority scan functions, VOX hands-free as well as a programmable channel monitor button. In order to ensure that you are able to get help at a click of a button this radio has both lone-worker and man-down features. Within these then you are able to protect lone workers through the orange button which can be pressed to send an emergency signal to your colleagues.  If someone falls and becomes unconscious then the man-down sensor is able to automatically send an alarm. The radios lone-worker timer checks to ensure that the radio user is okay, if there is no response received then the radio will automatically send an alarm.

    The HT786 advanced signalling keypad supports 5 tone selective calling, this carefully chooses who receives your calls, this ensures that the radios are being used appropriately and if you need to get through to someone then this should be made simple.  

    Included In The Box:

    • 2000mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
    • Single Pod Rapid Mains Charger
    • Spring Loaded Rear Clip
    • Antenna
    • User Guide

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