Hytera PD365LF QUAD PACK with Chargers & Earpieces

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Charger: Single Charger with UK Plug
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  • License free for use across the UK & Europe
  • Analogue and digital modes
  • Micro USB charging socket
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • LCD Display
  • 4 programmable buttons
  • Private, group and all call mode
  • CTCSS/CDCSS for privacy
  • Text messaging up to 64 characters
  • One-touch voice calls and text
  • description

    The PD365LF is a license free, hand held radio from Hytera. This radio was designed for portability and measuring only 106mm on its longest size and weighing only 160grams this is perfect for moving around with ease. The antenna is moulded into the unit making the radio easy to carry without any hassle. This radio is easy to use for everyone as its programmable buttons and one-touch functions ensure that everyone can successfully communicate.

    This migration radio offers the compatibility for both analogue and digital. This is ideal for a business who has analogue radios however would like the option to move to digital in the future.

    The PD365LF has two options for charging giving people a variety dependent on the situation they are in. The radio has a USB socket meaning this can be charged up using a regular power outlet or a USB socket on a computer. This radio offers around 12 hours of use in digital mode and approximately 10 hours in analogue mode meaning you are able to effectively communication for long periods at a time.

    The PD365LF has several additional features including intelligent audio, basic digital encryption, and VOX. Alongside this you are able to send a pre-programmed messages which are up to 64 characters each. Intelligent audio is a receive-only feature which enhances the audibility of voice calls. To do this it uses the radio or the accessory microphone to monitor levels of the background noise. When detected that the radio is in a loud environment then the speaker volume is automatically increased resulting in the user not having to do this.  VOX is also known as voice activated mode. This helps the radio to save battery as it will go into 'sleep' mode and stop transmitting if there is no sound in the room, as soon as there is sound then it will wake the radio up and be transmitted. 

    • 4 x PD365LF Radios
    • 4 x Batteries (2000 MAh Li-Ion Battery)
    • 4 x TheRadioShop Value over-ear earpieces with inline PTT mic
    • 4 x Micro-USB Power Adapters
    • 4 x Belt Clip Holders
    • 4 x In-box Documentation

    Dimensions –  106 x 54 x 23mm
    Weight – 160 grams
    Frequency – PMR446 Licence Free (UHF)
    Number of Channels – 32
    Radio Type – Digital & Analog


    No, you don’t need a licence for this radio. It operates on PMR446 frequencies, which available for use in most countries licence free.

    Remember that the frequencies are shared, and that you might hear other people on the channel.

    Want more privacy, increased range and less interference?

    Consider our range of licenced radios. Licencing is simple and cost-effective, and we can help to guide you through.

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