IMPRES Large Active Noise Cancelling RSM with Nexus Plug (for DP4000e and DP3000 (Legacy) Series)

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  • 3.5mm audio jack & Nexus
  • Emergency Button
  • IP67
  • Requires firmware vR2.7 or higher
  • description

    This RSM features IMPRES technology, providing superior audio by suppressing ambient noise, improving voice intelligibility and amplifying quite transmissions. With this RSM you are able to communicate clearly in all weathers as this has Wind porting technology. Wind porting eliminates the whining and howling sounds of wind blowing across your remote speaker microphone whilst preventing water clogging up the microphone, this results in clearer transmissions ensuring your message is heard with ease.

    Built to survive, this speaker microphone is IP67 rated, this means that it can withstand immersion for up to 30 minutes and is completely dust - tight. This RSM is the perfect solution for people who work in tough environments, being IP67 rated this gives users the peace of mind that if a splash of water or it comes into contact with some dust that it will still work as it should.  

    Populated with controls this remote speaker microphone has everything you need. Featuring volume control you are able to change the level of received transmissions to suit your needs. Another key feature of this RSM is the emergency button, this meas you are ale to signal distress and request assistance making this perfect for the events industry. When working within a business you require buttons to work with ease, this RSM has a programmable button allowing you to have all of your favourite features directly at your fingertips. 

    The Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) RSM allows you to communicate clearly in the harshest of environments. Whether you are in a noisy oil refinery or in the midst of fighting fire, you do not have the time to lose seconds struggling to get the message through. 


    This product will fit the following radios:

    Motorola DP3000 (Legacy) Series: DP3400, DP3401, DP3600, DP3601

    Motorola DP4000e Series: DP4400, DP4401, DP4400e, DP4401e, DP4600, DP4601, DP4600e, DP4601e, DP4800, DP4801, DP4800e, DP4801e


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