Teacher using a walkie-talkie radio in a school

As versatile as the environment in which they are used, walkie-talkies are being increasingly utilised within the education sector.
On school and university campuses, reliable communication for security teams and staff members is of vital importance, yes? 

Radios for Schools and Universities

The requirement for instant contact within departments internally and externally is becoming more and more useful in the sharing of information and enhancing logistical operations enabling teaching, estates and administrative staff alike to fulfill their roles effectively day to day, not just for fire alarms and other facility alerts.

How to choose the best two-way radio for use in a school or a university? 

We've selected our top five handsets based on value, scalability and user experience. We understand that not only should your walkie-talkie be cost effective, but the fleet can be increased and above all be comfortable to wear and use.

Here's our top five recommended radios and business critical communication solutions for school and university teams:

1. Motorola DP1400

Rugged radio with simple, intuitive controls. A fully licensed analogue or digital radio ensuring security and operational ease - it's a true workhorse radio 

 2. Hytera PD705

A fantastic radio at a bargain price. A licensed radio which has had a full service before leaving our hire fleet meaning it's got plenty of year's service left. Ex-hire radios are supplied complete with a new battery. 

3. Motorola DP2600e

One of the most intelligent radios in our catalogue, with everything you would expect from a professional radio. The unit excels in allowing expansion as your facility grows. 

4. Motorola TLKR T82 Extreme

One of our best entry level radio kits, these licence-free radios allow you use across Europe. Fantastic for those trips to Paris, Yorkshire or the annual school ski trip. A robust, splash-proof design, with optional remote speaker microphone allowing more freedom when you really need it. 

5. Hytera PD505LF

The smaller sibling to the ever-popular PD705, this superb little licence-free radio is great to use around your premises or on a school trip in the UK or Europe. With the ability to use accessories this handset comes ready to use straight out of the box. 

Ready to buy?

If you're a Primary School, why not get going with our Motorola TLKR T82 Extreme - Eight Pack? They're licence-free radios, which are perfect for a small site.

A Secondary School or Academy might consider the Motorola DP1400 -  SIX PACK including charger & earpieces  which is an ever-popular option for high schools. We'll even arrange all your Ofcom licensing for you! 

If it's a College or University you're shopping for, why not consider the Motorola DP2600e - QUAD PACK including chargers & earpieces? The radio's screen is great for managing multiple channels

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