Two-way radios for pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants

It's no secret that our beloved pubs, bars, clubs & restaurants were hit hard by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, with many forced to close for a large part of 2020. In this blog, we discuss how the utilization of two-way radios can greatly assist your business/premises once reopened, and ensure that staff and guests can adhere to social distancing and other goverment regulations.

Two-way radios for pubs, bars, clubs, restaurantsReopening and adapting your hospitality business during COVID-19 means that premises managers will have to implement and follow new rules and procedures to help provide a safe environment for guests.
The UK Government's '1m plus' rule allows people to be closer, but requires that additional control measures are put in place to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, including perspex screens, face masks and face shields. But have you considered that walkie-talkies could be a useful tool to help your premises re-open?

Your site may now be more spread out, perhaps using outdoor spaces such as the street to spread out, and two-way radios are a simple way of letting people keep in touch over a large area. Bar staff inside can communicate with those outside, letting them know if it's too busy, or if it's safe to allow more people inside to refill their glasses. 

If you're a restaurant, you'll want to reduce the amount of movement inside your premises as much as you can. Radios can be useful here too; staff can use walkie-talkies to communicate across the venue, to kitchen staff, those on the door or between waiting staff. 

Here at, we have chosen 5 radios that we think will fit your needs perfectly, have a look at them below.

1. Motorola Solutions TLKR XT180

The TLKR XT180 is one of the latest licence-free radios from Motorola Solutions. The radios are provided as a twin pack (although browse our site for our quad, six or eight packs), and come with a drop-in pod charger and earpieces. The XT180's rechargeable batteries mean you can keep in touch all day with your colleagues, and the large push-to-talk button makes radio operation easy. 

2. Hytera PD365LF

The Hytera PD365LF is a small form factor radio professional series radio, which makes it ideal for covert or discreet use. The radio comes with a powerful front-facing speaker, which makes for rich, high-quality audio output. It can be charged via USB, which is ideal for re-charging from a computer or from your vehicle. The PD365LF is a digital handset, which means there's less chance of hearing interference from other licence-free users. sells the PD365LF as bundle packs with earpieces and chargers, so shop now and find the perfect combination for your bar or restaurant!

3. Motorola Solutions EVX-S24

The Motorola EVX-S24 radio is a small-format analogue and digital radio, available in black or hi-visibility yellow for easy identification. The small-format of the radio makes it ideal for wearing on your belt or waist without being obtrusive, and the wide range of earpieces available mean you can keep in touch even when the surrounding ambient noise is high. 

You can buy the EVX-S24 with a single or multi-way charger which gives you great versatility. The intuitive user interface makes the handset easy to operate, with a keypad lock button to ensure that users don't accidentally change radio settings. 

4. Motorola Solutions SL1600

The Motorola SL1600 is an ultra-slim, lightweight radio which is full-powered, using licensed spectrum, for greater coverage. With the build quality and durability you've come to expect from Motorola Solutions, the SL1600 comes with voice prompts and a hidden dot-matrix display. 

The SL1600 comes with a choice of earpieces and accessories, and we've put together some bundle packs of multiple radios, earpieces and chargers to make purchasing a breeze. 

5. Motorola Solutions DP1400

The Motorola DP1400 is the ultimate workhorse radio, and is a popular choice for many sectors. It's fully licensed for greater performance and coverage, and all you need is an OFCOM licence which we can arrange for you to get up and running. The DP1400 is the replacement to the popular CP040, and is compatible with 2-pin audio accessories to keep in touch with your team in noisy environments. The traditional radio operation, with a large PTT button on the side, and rotary channel and volume controls on the top, makes this radio a popular choice with customers. 


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